About Us

Teka was born in Germany in 1957 as part of the Teka Group. Early success in manufacturing sinks and sink accessories led Teka to start manufacturing ovens, cookers, and hoods.
Soon after, in 1964, Teka began its worldwide expansion with the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom products.
Today, Teka is one of the world’s leading specialists in built-in appliances, stainless steel sinks and bath solutions, with a worldwide presence in 56 countries and 13 factories in Europe, America and Asia.
Almost a century later, Teka continues to evolve and innovate, following the principles established by its founders, Thielmann and Klein.


Turning functional features into human centered solutions, creating meaningful moments that make life worth living.


Teka’s products add soul to your kitchen creating meaningful moments where small things become essential, because it is there that life is cooked, where some of the moments of your life take place.